Adjustable Paver Tile Pedestal Installation

1. Measure the total area to be paved to determine the number of pavers required.
One screwjack adjustable pedestal is required for every paver or for approx. each linear metre of beam to be supported.
– tile size : 600x600mm requires 3 pcs / sqm extra 10% wastage allowance recommended
– tile size : 500x500mm requires 4 pcs / sqm extra 10% wastage allowance recommended
– tile size : 400x400mm requires 6.5 pcs / sqm extra 10% wastage allowance recommended

2. Calculate the hight of pedestal installed
tile surface hight – tile thickness = pedestal height

3. Use sight or laser lines to mark the intersections of the corners of each paver to be laid

4. Adjust the 0-5% slope corrector to compensate the slope, making sure the floor surface is perfectly leveled.

5. Position screwjack pedestals without spacer tabs where edges and corners are to be supported. If necessary, saw along marked score lines on the bottom of the units so that units may be positioned along wall edges or in corners.

6. Install the pedestals and tiles one by one, use leveling tools to help you.

7. The pedestals can be directly on the ground without fixing, sometimes silicon glue can be used to reinforce the fixing of pedestals. And stone paver are directly put on the pedestals.

8. Use rubber shims if required to ensure each paver is level when the tiles have thickness difference.

9. Commence paving by positioning the first paver in a corner and subsequent pavers along a wall edge.

10. Place the pavers into place on each screwjack pedestal and simply adjust either up or down to ensure each paver is level.

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